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Studio East is a unique recording studio located on the banks of the River Spree in East Berlin.

Studio East is situated within the vast complex that used to house the former main radio station for East Germany before the wall came down.
The studio has a long history, as it is one of the very few remaining original studios that were used for recordings and broadcasts, and was specifically used for recording pop/rock bands.

The imposing Soviet structure is a fascinating time capsule, in which little has changed since DDR times. It is also said that the infamous STASI secret police had a headquarters on the site.
  The ‘Funkhaus’, as it is known, is located right on the banks of a picturesque section of the river Spree and consequently has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to a creative environment.

The complex is also home to a few other music studios and many fine art studios. There is also a magnificent orchestra hall that is still used for classical orchestra performances recording. For a closer look at the complex, look at www.nalepastrasse.de
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