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Studio East is a modern independent recording studio with a classic vibe using the latest digital ProTools set-up with top of the range microphones and outboards.


The studio offers musicians the opportunity to make high-end recordings at indie prices. Perfect for live music, Studio East has three live rooms connected visually and a complete backline ready to use.

With the recent advances in recording technology, there is so much that can now be achieved in a bedroom on a laptop. And by the same principle, the quality of recording that was once only achievable in major studios at major prices, can now be achieved in independent studios like Studio East. So in today’s music industry, where Record Labels have less money to invest in new projects and where Bands are more frequently financing their own recordings, Studio East offers the perfect solution for all.

Have a look around and then contact us at info@studioeast.de for more information or to make a booking.
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